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I talk a lot

Anonymous: I just saw a picture and it wasn't all that great sorry to burst your huge bubble


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Anonymous: If you've never posted a picture how does everyone know it's nice

I have pics with my full body in it but even if I didn’t, they’d still just know

29 July 2014     12:02 am

Anonymous: Post a picture of your ass

Not legal and even if I was you’re still rude as hell!!

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Anonymous: hayley!! how did u go about getting a nice ass? like did u do certain exercises/eat certain foods?

I used to work out almost everyday for a solid 3 ish months and haven’t in probably a month haha but I did a lot of leg weights and squats! I don’t know about foods tho. I mean my ass is still great and I haven’t done em in awhile but squats totally help tone it!

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Creep (Acoustic Version) by Radiohead.

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